032: “it’s pretty weird”

It was just too absurd not to tell someone, but whom? Chelsi scrolled through her list of contacts. Who would really smile when they heard this?
She thought for a quite second about what to say before she held down the record button on her phone.
“So a week or so ago I acquired this ka kitten.  He’s maybe a pound…” She paused. No that’s not how I want to start. Erase.
“Over the last few nights Daisy’s been waking up in the middle of the night making these sounds that I can only describe as confusion.  They don’t sound angry or painful; just confused.  I’ve also recently acquired this ka tiny kitten. He’s all black and I call him Poppy, anyway, the other night when Daisy was making these confused sounds I turned on the flashlight to see what was going on and I saw Poppy over there with her.  So I’m thinking ‘okay, he’s cold and wants to cuddle and Daisy’s just not into it.’ I tell her to settle down and go back to sleep.  I’m mostly just glad that he wants to be near her because during the day Daisy wrestles with him pretty rough.  Another night or so goes by like this and I don’t think much about it. And now, remember Daisy’s about 10 months old and Poppy’s about 4 months, last night I was up a little later than usual and Daisy’s already asleep on her mat; all curled up.  I see Poppy go over by her and I stop to watch.  Poppy gets closer and closer, nestling himself between her legs.  Daisy loves her belly rubbed, easily more than anything, so when she feels something making for her belly she begins to unfurl. Without even opening her eyes, so she doesn’t know that it is Poppy.  So now her belly is fully exposed and I see Poppy rubbing his nose around her belly.  Then he finds one of her ka tiny nipples and starts suckling my dog! It goes so far that he begins to knead his paws into her belly and after a minute or two she begins to make those confused sounds I’ve been hearing in the night. She stands up and shakes him off.  Walks around a little, lays back down and the same thing happens again! Two or three times in a row! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anything like this but it’s pretty weird.”

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One thought on “032: “it’s pretty weird”

  1. Sandy

    That is wild Chels. Animals are incredible. I just watched an animal show on channel 11 about “odd couples”. A dog and a rabbit that are friends. A cheetah and a dog that are friends. A goat and a blind horse. It was awesome. Now we have Daisy and Poppy :0)
    Love you lots


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