040: #MufuSWAG

“We even got t-shirts made,” Chelsi friend Chad explained after she inquired about the hashtag she saw all the volunteers in Mufumbwe district using in their group chats: #MufuSWAG.  Ichilanga district was far, but to the volunteers of Northwest Provence, Mufumbwe was out there. The place where no one went without a reason.  As such, this was Chelsi first time to the district; she was invited to teach a short rabbit workshop, by her friends Chad and Aubrey; education and health volunteers, respectively. 
Chad continued, “Mike told us he was wearing his up by the bus station in Mufumbwe one day and a random Zambian man came up cursing him, calling him the devil or something. And Mike was like ‘whao, what?’ and the man points at his shirt and says ‘S-W-A-G; Satin working against God.’ Turns out on top of that, I think it’s Luvale, mufu means corps or body.”
Reclining on the couch of the couples beautiful home Chelsi let out a chuckle.  “You just never know, do you? Satin working against God, that’s kind of hilarious.”
“We’re so happy you’re going to stay an extra day Chelsi!” Aubrey exclaimed coming in to the sitting room from outside.  She struggled with half a dozen panting puppies to get the door closed. “Now we can bake you a cake for your birthday! And I think Kat’s going to come up from Mufumbwe.”
“Even me, I’m glad I decided to stay an extra day, and look! Mr. Akowa brought two doves for me!” Chelsi pointed to a red plastic basket hanging from the ceiling rafters containing two small birds.  “My dove project might actually happen.  And on top of that I’d say the rabbit workshop was a success, despite the rain. I’ve never seen that many people come to a training.  When I tried to invite people to come learn about permagardening, “only one man came even close to finishing the lesson.  So, twenty plus people, that’s incredible. I know you guys often talk about how hard it is to be volunteers out here, but it seem like you’ve got a lot of interested, hardworking people. Not every volunteer is so lucky.”
“It not that the communities here are difficult, it’s that there’s not a lot of support from NGO’s. Like at the Ginny’s tree workshop. That man came with a projects for beekeeping and trainings, something which really interested our host father. But they only work in Solwezi, Mwinilunga, Kasempa, even Ichalanga. But are they willing to come to Mufumbwe? No.” It was an insatiable itch of Chad’s that Mufumbwe was so often left off the NGO circuit.  
“But it comes with pluses and minuses.  Think about Valerie up in Kisasa; with the mine and World Vision.  No one needs to have the motivation to do anything for themselves, because eventually World Vision will just come and give them stuff.  Or me, being so close to town. What’s the incentive for someone to aspire to a more sustainable job, when they can just hang out in the village, get drunk and make charcoal for Solwezi. Maybe if there were more development workers here, the people wouldn’t be as interested in learning for themselves.”
Chad let out a sigh, “Aubrey? Is there anything I can help you with?” Aubrey was fussing about in the kitchen kneading a pizza dough. 
“No, I think every thing’s going okay.”

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One thought on “040: #MufuSWAG

  1. Nicki

    Hope you had a great birthday!


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