049: Kaonde Cousinship

“I know we talked a lot about cousinship in training.” Ginny balled up the nshima in her hand. “And it’s just an understanding among different tribes that they shouldn’t take offence from each other’s comments, or make war on each other.” She picked up some beans with the same hand and pop it all into her mouth. 
“Yes, that’s true,” Harrison, the host of their lunch and village carpenter and traditional healer started. “But it wasn’t always that every tribe was cousins with everyone else.  And it the case for everyone.” Seated just to Chelsi’s right, Harrison took a break from his nshima and pulled his knobby knees in towards his chest. 
“In training, Ba Joyce, my language teacher always told us the story of the Kaonde – Lozi cousinship.  And that it took place just of there at Kasempa Hill. Or something like that.” Chelsi turned her attention toward Harrison.  She knew the story involved a war between the two tribes, but it wasn’t ever made entirely clear.
“Yes, the Lozi’s of Western Provence were trying to expand their territory.” Chelsi, Ginny, Sami, Tyler, Ryder, they all leaned in to better hear the quiet man’s voice. “They started by invading the Tongas in Southern Provence, and were very successful there.  Then they looked north, in to Northwest Provence and the land of the Kaonde people. When they Lozis first came they started by kidnapping women and some children from outlying camps and villages. Shortly it became enough that the rest of people in the villages fled.  They hid on the hills in the bush. So that when the Lozis came into the empty villages they thought their campaign a great success.” Harrison foreshadowed the rest of the story with a big smile. “So the Lozi people start going out into the bush.  And what did they find, but all the Kaonde people atop this great hill, drinking and sitting around big fires.  So the Lozi people got together to devise a plan to sneak up on the Kaonde men on the top of the hill.  They were going to come up slowly, on the dense bush side of the hill. But of course the Kaonde men saw them coming.  They would go and see how far the Lozi people were up the hill, then they would say ‘Oh, but they are still far’ and they would go back to their drinks. And they would come again and say ‘Oh, but they are still far’ and again would go back to their party.  Until they went and said ‘Ah, but they are now close enough.’  And they pushed these great big stones down the hill on the Lozi people and killed them all!” Harrison chuckled.
Even Ginny began to laugh, “Oh, so that’s how it happened! Whenever I heard the story before I thought the two sides were just throwing small rocks at each other.”
“Even me,” Chelsi picked up another ball of nshima. 
Tyler, Ryder and Sami were volunteers hailing from Lunda land and were ignorant to the story, “so what, after that they were just like ‘We’re cousins now?’” Disbelief was strong in Tyler’s voice. 
“When the rest of the invading Lozi people came and saw what happened they ran away. They were saying ‘These Kaondes they are not to be messed with. They are very fierce!’ And so the Lozi people became our cousins instead.”
“And on the hill just over there?” Ginny pointed in the general direction of Kasempa.
“On the hill just over there,” and Harrison dipped his hand back in the nshima pot for another lump.

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One thought on “049: Kaonde Cousinship

  1. Sandy

    And I love our “cousinship” 😉
    Happy Days and much love to you.


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