About the Narrator

I’ve been adventuring since 2009 and though my adventures may not be the grand epics of books and movies they have left A Picture of Chelsime with plenty of stories. Up until the start of my most recent adventure (and the 104 blog) I have traveled and worked all over the northern half of the United States as a student, sea lion observer, communications liaison and trail crew member, just to name few. By training I am a natural resource manager and scientist specializing in aquatic resources. Terrestrially, I enjoy the finding of fungi and playing with food.  When not out adventuring you are likely to find me sitting at the kitchen table crafting with fiber and listening to public radio.

(Add here about why you are taking the approach you are taking, about the adventure in which you are embarking)


3 thoughts on “About the Narrator

  1. Jean A. T.

    Hey! I recognize that picture! Glad I finally logged into your blog. Am going to send you a letter through the post. We’ll see how long that takes! Jean


  2. Linda Geiser

    So wonderful to read your stories, Chelsi. Thanks for creating this blog so we can follow your adventures and learn what life is like for you and your new friends and family.


  3. Suzanne

    So you’ve written all this?!! It’s pretty amazing.. great storytelling! Sorry it took me so long to check it out!


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